Drying machines are increasingly beginning to appear in the families of modern people. This is especially true in families with children, where laundry is done constantly. And also among very busy people who simply do not have time to wait for the washed laundry to dry. Many people choose the Bosch brand of dryers. Although this is a reliable and durable company, all equipment breaks down over time. Therefore, today’s article will be about Bosch dryer moisture sensor replacement.

The most common dryer form factors are tumble dryers and dryer cabinets.

  • Both the first and second type of device work on the principle of moisture condensation. To do this, the air in the laundry chamber is heated.
  • And then, passing through the cooler, moisture is separated from it in the form of condensate. This is how the drying process takes place.
Bosch dryer moisture sensor replacement

What is Bosch dryer moisture sensor replacement and what is it for?

Modern dryers are electronically controlled, equipped with intelligent systems that allow you to adjust the automation to specific tasks. Older dryers operated according to a set drying time. Sometimes with the ability to adjust the temperature. In new models, the user can either manually set the necessary parameters. Or choose a specific program, for a specific type of linen, and the automation itself will execute the program from beginning to end.

In order to correctly determine the degree of humidity of things loaded into the device, a special sensor of the same name is installed. These sensors are different in the way they are implemented and the accuracy of data determination. Their task is to determine how long to continue the drying process.

Bosch dryer moisture sensor replacement

Types of Bosch dryer moisture sensor replacement

The humidity control system consists of the sensors themselves and the control system for the information coming from them.

There are several ways to determine the residual moisture in a dryer:

  • conductometric – this is when the humidity indicator is determined by the time the electric discharge passes in the drum (moist air has a greater conductivity). To implement this method, a special system of contacts, brushes, etc. is provided;
  • the analytical method is based on measuring the temperature of the air at the exit (in the hot state) and at the entrance to the drum. The electronic module analyzes these indicators and, based on these data, receives information about humidity. This method is cheap to implement, but rather inaccurate;
  • the infrared method is the most accurate and is built either on temperature measurement using infrared radiation, or the radiation flux is compared with calibrated indicators.