Our team is the first aid for dryers! Dryer belt replacement is a service we provide. In fact, we are engaged in the repair of all household appliances in your home. On our website you will find all the information you need. Pictures and videos of our work will help you get to know our experts and the results of their work.

We repair drum dryers and make Dryer belt replacement at home. Fast and not expensive. All our clients will confirm this information and will recommend us. Only branded spare parts, experienced craftsmen, warranty up to 24 months.

Dryer belt replacement

Convenient and fast service.

We service equipment at the customer’s home. All areas of Florida. Do you have a cottage or country house away from Miami? Call us and we will discuss all the details.

Repair on the day of the call, if the application is submitted before lunch. By evening request, the master will arrive the next day. Would you like to choose a different date? Call it to our employee or write in the order form. It is very convenient and simple. We will answer all questions about Dryer belt replacement and more.

Corporate repair in 1 visit! The master does all the work in one visit, and you get a working dryer in 1-2 hours.

In rare cases, with a complex breakdown of the control module, the repair takes place in two stages:

  • the module is dismantled and taken to the workshop
  • then, after 1-2 days, the serviceable control unit is returned back.

Dryer not working? Need a Dryer belt replacement? Contact our service. We deal professionally with the problems of dryers of all brands. You get fast repairs and spare parts from manufacturers. Quality, as in the service center of your brand, but cheaper and without the export of equipment!

The price of the service depends on the type of breakdown, brand and model of drying. It is determined after the fault is diagnosed by the master. For a rough estimate of costs, the table shows the cost of a typical home dryer repair and area repair.

Dryer belt replacement

Drying machine repairs:

  • Departure + Diagnostics;
  • Сleaning;
  • Replacement of fluff filters;
  • Button replacement;
  • Recuperator replacement;
  • Replacement of the starting capacitor;
  • Belt replacement;
  • Replacement of the support roller (1 pc.);
  • Also, replacement of UBL (hatch blocking device);
  • Replacement of heating elements;
  • Replacement of the temperature sensor;
  • Replacing the humidity sensor;
  • Replacement of the fan;
  • Replacement of the pump;
  • Repair or replacement of the motor (electric motor);
  • Replacement of the heat pump compressor;
  • Replacing the tank;
  • Repair or replacement of the control/indication module;
  • Replacement of the bearing;

A tumble dryer is a special luxury household appliance. It is complex and more expensive than conventional home equipment. We understand your concerns about quality and offer luxury repairs for luxury dryers of all brands:

  • AEG;
  • ASCO;
  • BECO;
  • Bosch;
  • CANDY;
  • MIELE;
  • SMEG;

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