We repair dryers of all popular brands. We repair all appliances in your home. You can contact us for the repair of washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves and much more. A particularly popular service is – dryer drum seal replacement cost.

Facts about our company:

  • 10 years – average work experience of masters
  • Final price before repair
  • In 51% of cases we will fix it on the same day
  • All work at home without the removal of equipment
  • Official warranty up to 6 months
dryer drum seal replacement cost

Dryer drum seal replacement cost – we repair all brands

Didn’t find your brand in the list? Call the operator – most likely we can help you.

Common breakdowns

Do not attempt to repair the dryer yourself. Intervention without experience and skills can lead to more serious damage. But it is important to evaluate the condition. If you accurately convey the symptoms of a malfunction to the master, he will determine which node is out of order and will immediately bring a spare part with him.

When you decide to call a specialist at home, valuable information will be:

  • the machine does not turn on or turns on, but does not start;
  • the drum is not spinning;
  • extraneous sounds;
  • linen is not dried;
  • water leaks;
  • water drain problems.
dryer drum seal replacement cost

Repairing a dryer is easier if you keep your passport with its full name. The model is not always indicated on the case.

Other malfunctions

Diagnostics of the dryer begins with checking the electrical network. Make sure the power is on and the outlet is working. The home shield may be the source of the problem. If the RCD is triggered during operation, the reason may be a discrepancy between the technical characteristics of the dryer and the machines.

If it gets too wet while the machine is running, check if the air duct on the back of the cabinet has come off. Also, creases and cracks are possible due to improper installation or long-term operation of the device.

Check the condition of the filter. If it is clogged, flush and restart the dryer.

Dryer drum seal replacement cost – we repair dryers of all popular brands