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Why is my dryer creaking? Fortunately, a conventional dryer does not consist of too many parts. This makes the troubleshooting process a little easier. But only for those who have professional training. We want to assure you that the best way to find out for sure what is causing the problem is to give us a call. We add washer dryer repair near me. Never try to solve the problem yourself.

Here are five of the most likely causes of dryer creaking when you need washer dryer repair near me:

  • Free door
  • Dryer belt. If your dryer squeaks on top, it means that your dryer belt has a problem. He could be torn from old age, stretched from overwork or come off.
  • Tension pulley. On the other hand, if your dryer squeaks from the bottom, it could be the idler pulley. This is the part that helps keep the dryer belt taut as the drum rotates. Without it, the dryer will not be able to work, as the drum will not be able to rotate.
  • Drum bearing. This is what allows the drum to spin. Even if this part is damaged, your dryer will still work, but will definitely squeak.
  • Lag. Some dryer models have felt strips on the front and back. As a rule, these models are more prone to drum wear. This could be the reason why your dryer is creaking. And you should contact us for washer dryer repair near me.
  • The motor causes the dryer to creak. This is the most costly breakdown. But our experts will produce washer dryer repair near me at the most affordable prices in the state.

  Call a technician

They are well versed in dehumidifiers of various brands. Give us a call and request a service call. We can handle any breakdown. And your household appliances will serve you for many more years.

Call or submit a dryer repair request today. Washer dryer repair near me and you!


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