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In today”s review, we will look at the most common breakdowns of dryers. Let”s determine what most often breaks down in electronic dryers. What causes malfunctions, how to eliminate them and what measures to take to prevent malfunctions.

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It is worth saying that all of these elements are present in condensation type dryers. If we talk about the design nuances inherent in other types of dryers, they can be as follows:

  • Ventilation type dryers do not have a container for collecting condensate. The design includes a special hose that removes moisture immediately to the ventilation system or to the street. It is also possible to air the clothes (the machine draws in air from outside).
  • Dryers made in the form of cabinets do not have loading drums, motors and belts for their rotation. There is heater and hair dryer blowing warm air. Also, cabinets are almost always connected to ventilation. And they have a hose to drain the condensate outside. That is, they do not have additional compartments and pumping pumps.

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