Dryers are a relatively new type of home appliance. Which is very popular right now. Despite a certain novelty of the device itself, dozens of models of dryers from world famous brands are already on the market today: Bosch, Siemens, Indesit, Electrolux. But no matter how high-quality and reliable such a device is, it is not immune from breakdowns. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you the Kenmore dryer wheel replacement service.

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Why dryers break: briefly about the design

Before considering the breakdowns themselves, we first pay attention to the structural features of such household appliances. In fact, each dryer can have its own design features. But often such a device includes the following components:

Kenmore dryer wheel replacement
  • Firstly, a drum in which clothes are placed. This element is almost the same as in washing machines. Its main difference is a larger volume, which allows you to dry 7–9 kg of laundry at a time. Also, the inner part of the dryer drum is equipped with additional blades. Which mix clothes and prevent wardrobe elements from tangling with each other. In most cases, such a structural element is made of stainless or specially hardened steel.
  • Secondly, motor that rotates the drum. The drive belt is an extremely important element that transmits torque from the motor to the drum, ensuring the rotation of the latter.
  • Also, a heating element (heater) that provides air heating for drying clothes.
  • Hairdryer or convector – drives air around the drum to evenly dry all loaded things.
  • Pump for pumping condensate (evaporating liquid). It is she who ensures the removal of moisture from the drying tank.
  • The condensate collection container is an auxiliary element in which liquid from wet clothes accumulates.
Kenmore dryer wheel replacement

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Lint filtersPick up small pieces of fabric or thread, preventing clogging of the suction pump or ventilation system (if any). As a rule, they are located on the inside of the sealed door.
The sealed door itselfCloses the opening for loading laundry into the drum.
SensorsThey can be present in different quantities and have their own purpose (depending on the model of the dryer). As a rule, engineers equip dryers with temperature sensors, humidity sensors, overheating fuses.
Governing bodiesIn modern models, they are represented by rotary controls with symbols, touch or physical buttons, as well as a display that helps you set the drying mode.

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