According to our observations, the main source of problems for LG washing machines is the peculiarity of domestic tap water. It is hard with a high content of various impurities. In addition, LG washing machines have three “weak points”. Therefore, the lg washing machine repair service from our company will be useful to you.

Lg washing machine repair

When you need lg washing machine repair or major breakdowns of LG washing machines:

  1. Drum: if there are problems with it, the machine will immediately let you know about it. Vibration. Washing noise, atypical for normal work, as well as “jumping” or attempts by the machine to “crawl away” from its place.
  2. Heater (or heating element). It is also subject to liming, which leads to too long heating of water, or its impossibility.
  3. Inlet valve: problems with it are obvious if water suddenly stops getting into the car.
  4. Do not despair if you find such a breakdown in yourself – call us and we will repair the LG washing machine in any area of ​​St. Petersburg!

Lg washing machine repair with us

We are well aware of how difficult life is when large household appliances fail. First, the financial question immediately arises: to repair or think about buying a new one. Secondly, it is necessary to solve the issue of washing things.

We usually do not recommend our customers to rush to send equipment to the scrap. Call the master at home! We carry out detailed diagnostics, and if the repair does not justify itself in terms of cost, we speak honestly about it. If it is possible, then we will do everything to produce it with high quality and at an adequate price.

Lg washing machine repair

We work seven days a week. Our prices are the best in the state. A service call is only $50. This is the lowest price in Florida. Our company employs only professionals. What’s more, we provide a 5-month warranty. Because we are absolutely confident in our quality.

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