We highly appreciate the trust of each client. Therefore, we approach the solution of issues individually. While taking into account his wishes and budget. Do you want to extend the life of your expensive and high-quality microwave oven? You need a microwave repair. Then contact us, because you deserve the best service!

What are we ready to offer? The main services of the service center include:

  • microwave repair  without disassembling the microwave oven;
  • diagnostics;
  • complex repairs, including its disassembly and replacement of various components;
  • dismantling equipment from furniture;
  • board repair;
  • replacement or cleaning of the protective plate;
  • replacement of magnetron, electric motor, inverter;
  • zeroing programs and other work.

You do not have to worry about the components. As our professionals will select them according to the model and brand of your microwave oven. After which they will install and provide a guarantee.

Is the microwave oven out of order? You definitely need a microwave repair.

Didn’t find competent performers who are ready to carry out diagnostics. Preventive and repair work with the highest quality, quickly and inexpensively? Contact us and we will solve this problem. We will fix the malfunctions taking into account your financial capabilities and within the specified time frame.

When starting to repair microwave ovens with your own hands, remember safety precautions. Usually women and children are in the kitchen. Why do we need a harmful factor there? It would also be nice to have a thorough knowledge of the microwave oven. According to our recollections, if the screen is not grounded. Then it extinguishes (reflects) only half of the radiation. The rest passes. Therefore, you can safely catch half of the measured power in the kitchen. If the installation of the microwave oven is carried out incorrectly.

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