“Faulty motor-compressor? Our specialists will qualitatively and quickly repair it with a subsequent WARRANTY or replace it. Refrigerator compressor replacement is a service provided by our company. Only original components and spare parts for all brands and models of domestic. And imported refrigerators.

What causes a compressor motor to fail?

Often, repair of the refrigerator motor is required due to the fault of the user himself. The fact is that some models are equipped with an additional useful function “Super Freeze” or “Quick Freeze”. This function helps to freeze the product in a short period of time. So that it does not lose its taste and useful properties. Using this function, the hostess simply forgets to turn it off. As a result, the engine runs at full power at a grueling pace. And this is detrimental to its performance. The result of this is complete failure.

When examining the device, the master will most likely decide that you need to use the refrigerator compressor replacement service. As costly as a refrigerator compressor replacement is. It is still cheaper than buying a new refrigerator. A less expensive type of repair should be called. The elimination of noise. Rumble and other unpleasant sounds when turned on. We solve it by a simple action – adjusting the suspension of the motor casing. To do this, you just need to adjust the suspension bolts. And tighten them well.

Refrigerator compressor replacement – professional, high quality and inexpensive. The best prices in Florida.

The specialists of our company will undertake even the most complex repair of the refrigerator motor. It is in their competence to restore the compressor of various types in various brands of refrigerators. By contacting the masters of our service for help. You can be sure of a 100% result. And a long service life after troubleshooting. Technological operations that we provide:

Refrigerator compressor replacement

• Firstly, deep diagnostics and troubleshooting of the compressor

•Secondly, determining and assessing the level of wear of the unit

• Also, stator rewinding with high-quality freon-resistant wire

•Vacuum impregnation of the motor

• Also, assembly of the compressor after repair and its testing

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