In this article, we will talk about the main breakdowns of dryers. We will touch on the topic of troubleshooting, and also discuss replace heating element in lg dryer.

Often when your tumble dryer breaks down. It gives an error on the screen. Let’s take a closer look at all the errors in the form of a table.

Replace heating element in LG dryer and main errors on the display

Error code on display Code meaningRemedy
F01Motor thyristor short circuit
Inspection of the thyristor circuit. In the event of a break, repair or replacement of the part.
F02The motor does not rotate due to a blockage. The fan may also be blocked.
Also, checking the specified structural elements. Removing foreign objects that interfere with work. It is advisable to inspect the wiring and contacts.
F03Open or short circuit in the thermistor circuit. Failure of the main processor or NTC sensor that monitors temperature.
Diagnostics of the mentioned components. If necessary, replace the failed elements.
F04The air pump is not working.
Also, diagnostics of the pump and its circuit. Connecting or replacing a node
F05There is no signal from the air pump.
Inspection of wiring, tightening of contacts, cleaning of oxidized elements.
F08Faulty heater relay.
Also, inspection and replacement of parts (if necessary).
F09Software failure.
The problem is solved exclusively through the service center.
F10Air does not flow well from the heating element.
Also, tENA cleaning.
F11There is no contact with the blower.
Checking the circuits and connections of the part. Replacement if necessary.
F12No communication between display and control board.
Also, inspection of wiring, tightening contacts. If necessary, the board is replaced.
F13Open circuit of the temperature controller. Replacing an element or installing it in its original place.
F15Broken heating element relay. An open or short circuit has occurred in its circuit. Relay diagnostics, checking wiring and connecting parts. Replacement of failed parts.
F17Breakage of the power element. Also, repair or replacement of a part.
Replace heating element in LG dryer

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Replace heating element in LG dryer