Refrigerators from a reliable Samsung brand usually last at least 10-15 years. But this is provided that the owner of the equipment does not violate the manufacturer’s instructions in terms of operation and regularly performs maintenance. But technology is not eternal. It happens that refrigerators break down and you need Samsung refrigerator service near me.
We repair not only refrigerators. But also washing machines and dryers. Very popular service – the dryer drum seal replacement cost.

Samsung refrigerator service near me and you

Samsung refrigerator service near me

Let’s return to the topic of refrigerator repair. Post-warranty repair of refrigerators is required for internal and external reasons. The internal ones include, for example, wear of parts or leakage of freon. External factors are sudden power surges in the mains, accidental water ingress on electronics. Or constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation on plastic and rubber products.
It is difficult to cope with the problems listed above on your own. Moreover, if the repair is not given due attention, the problem will worsen significantly. The consequences are very unpleasant – up to the purchase of a new refrigerator.

Samsung refrigerator service near me. Maintenance steps

The employees of our service center have been restoring household appliances for many years. Including refrigerators – single-chamber, two-chamber, multi-chamber, Side-by-Side. The accumulated experience allows the master to give clear recommendations for the care of equipment:

Samsung refrigerator service near me
  • firstly, periodic defrosting and cleaning of surfaces from contamination;
  • secondly, connection to the mains only through a voltage stabilizer;
  • also, placement at a distance of 10-20 cm from walls, kitchen furniture, gas stove;
  • location on a flat horizontal floor surface;
  • also, tracking error codes on the display of the control panel, sound signals;
  • regulation of the temperature inside depending on the time of year and the workload of the chambers.

In order not to have to repair the refrigerator urgently and at a high price. You need to contact us at the first sign of a malfunction or when the unit exhibits incorrect behavior.