3 reasons why your washing dryer machine is shaking. For some, laundry day is a vacation. Unless, of course, this day includes the rhythmic thud of a washing machine that shakes. If your washing machine breaks down, of course we recommend using the LG washer and dryer repair service. Our company will gladly provide you with these services.

Washer and dryer repair
LG Washer and dryer repair

Is it bad if my washing machine shakesAt its core, there will be some shaking and vibration from the washing machine. You may even find that front-loading washing machines shake more. Top-loading washing machines – less! This is true even for the most modern brands and models. So, is it bad if your washing machine shakes? No, as long as the washing machine is shaking within normal limits.

 How much should my washing machine shake?

The normal vibrations and shaking of a washing machine should not be heard outside of your laundry room. If your neighbors are complaining, then this is a breakdown. And you need to call us and order LG washer and dryer repair.

If your washing machine shakes too much, it can damage the device and your home. It is important to pinpoint exactly what is causing the washing machine to shake in order to avoid it.

Why is my washing machine shaking?

The best way to find out the cause for sure is to call our expert.

If you’d like to try basic troubleshooting yourself, look out for three of the most common reasons your washing machine may be shaking:

Unbalanced PuckIf you lightly press on the puck and it tilts, that’s a good sign that it’s out of balance. Move the washing machine to a firmer floor and adjust the feet under the washing machine until it is level.
Loading too bigIf you have too many clothes in the washing machine at once, they may not be evenly distributed. Reduce the load and spread the clothes evenly inside the washing machine to stop the shaking.
Mounting rack not levelIf you have a folded unit, your washer may not be fully attached to the stacking frame. Adjust the styling frame.

If this is not a problem, your washing machine may be shaking due to loose or broken parts! If you still have problems, give us a call  and order LG washer and dryer repair.

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